I’m back… again.

So, I know what you’re thinking. This bitch again, really? Just hear me out.

With the start of a new decade, I want to bring self improvement into my 23rd year of life and I bet I can guess what you’re thinking – that old new year new me spiel again. I promise you it’s not. For 2020 I have so many things in the pipeline – travel, gym, photography, tattoos, concerts, a wedding (not mine but a beloved childhood friend getting married to the love of her life) and I’m determined to do it all alongside my 9-5 job.

A friend told me he’s claiming 2020 onwards as his decade and honestly, it was pretty inspiring. These coming ten years will be when a majority of us get married, have children, travel, begin careers and so much more. The thought of it is both exciting and scary beyond belief but having this outlet to document my life when key moments of my history happen is important to me. As cliche as it is, being able to read back on the prime of my life will be so nostalgia inducing and as much as I don’t want to wish away my 20’s, the thought of reading everything I got up to in the future is thrilling.

No questions today, just wanted to mark me making my comeback.

Thanks for reading,

M x

Current Music Faves

It’s a short post today but I’m sharing ten tracks I’ve been *loving* recently. While on holiday, I’ve had these songs on repeat and to be honest, they are bops! I also saw Jess Glynne live this month, (she’s incredible), and it just makes listening to ‘I’ll Be There’ even better.

  1. Genesis – Dua Lipa
  2. Lucid Dreams – Juice WRLD
  3. Taste (feat. Offset) – Tyga
  4. Ganja Burn – Nicki Minaj
  5. God is a woman – Ariana Grande
  6. Shotgun – George Ezra
  7. Girls Like You ft. Cardi B – Maroon 5
  8. I’ll Be There – Jess Glynne
  9. Level Up – Ciara
  10. Majesty (with Labrinth & feat. Eminem) – Nicki Minaj

Which one is your favourite?

Thanks for reading,

M x


Book Review: Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

I purchased this book on Amazon a couple of weeks ago and I recently had some time on my hands so I thought why not start the book? I finished it within two days.


This piece of non-fiction titled ‘Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine’ was written by Gail Honeyman. The main character is of course, Eleanor Oliphant, a woman in her thirties with an office job, no friends and the only family she has is her mother with whom she harbours a complicated relationship.

It’s refreshing to me that Eleanor isn’t a teenger, she’s a young woman in her thirties with a job and flat tackling issues of loneliness without being self deprecating. She plays into the quirky mannerisms that we sometimes don’t tend to like in other people and to tell you the truth, I did think she was a bit odd at first. However as the book progressed, I began to like her character and grew fond of her. She was an odd heroine however her quirks and jokes were something I related to such as wondering why unfriendly people work in customer service jobs.

More importantly, this book really did hit home with the theme of loneliness that was so apparent in the text. In my first year at University, this was a common feeling I felt as the loneliness set in when I didn’t have anyone to sit next to in large lectures when I was apart from my friends or when I’d be in my room in the evenings without anyone to talk to. I remember that one day I didn’t talk to anyone until about 4pm even though I went in for lectures that day. Loneliness is very common and very true and not everyone has a support line of family and friends to constantly talk to!

In all truth, I believe that Gail Honeyman did an incredible job with this book. I felt the ending was slightly more rushed for my taste but I won’t give away any spoilers! They tell you to never judge a book by it’s cover but I did with this on Amazon, the book looked good and I’m glad I bought it because I enjoyed it a lot so I suppose sometimes your gut instinct is right.

Have you read it? And what did you think about it?

Thanks for reading,

M x

Jewellery Wishlist

Accessorising has always been something I’ve loved to do from when I was about 14 years old and the big trend was chunky bracelets and those plastic wristbands everyone had to the accompanying rings covering every single finger. As I’ve grown older, I’ve ditched the wristbands but my love for rings, bracelets, necklaces and ear rings has only continuued to grow. In this post, I’ve compiled a wish list for the jewellery that I very much need in my life so if you fancy giving it a read, keep going!

Elsa Peretti Letter ‘M’ Pendant –


The first is the the letter pendant by Elsa Peretti for Tiffany’s. I’ve always been a huge fan of silver jewellery and it’s only within the last couple of years that I’ve started to like gold on myself. This is gorgeous, I think it’s so simple but it’s something can be added to multiple outfits! It is £225.00 so it’s not the cheapest of the bunch but it is a Tiffany’s necklace, it’s fantastic quality and I throughly believe in the phrase ‘treat yo’self’. If you want to see more, click here.

Tessa Metcalfe Pigeon Signet ‘Lightweight’ –


I’ve been on Tessa Metcalfes site a handful of times because she creates such beautiful jewellery! I began to follow her as she’s friends with Emily Malice, one of the loveliest ladies who gave me my most recent tattoo (more to come later!) There is some lovely pieces on her site, everything is handmade and I do want a few of her pigeon claw rings. I went on the site to get those images and this ring caught my eye! I’ve wanted a signet ring since my sister copped one for herself a few months ago and this is so beautiful with the little pidge on the front. I love pigeons so this is very appropriate. The site says ‘coming soon’ and I will be waiting. The price is £230.00 and you can view more here.

The Great Frog Lion Ring –


Last but definitely not least, I’ve wanted a piece from The Great Frog for ages! This is the one that i’d like to get first and then the goal is to begin a collection as there’s a couple more I want including the lion skull. They are definitely a statement piece and very recognisable too! Some of my favourite youtubers such as Sunbeamsjess and Helen Anderson have got pieces from here and seeing theirs makes me want them even more! This particular ring is £170.00 and if you want to check them out, follow the link from here.

PSA – all of these images are from each respective website.

Let me know if you like any of these pieces I’ve talked about or please do give me some recommendations for other jewellery sites. I’m always on the hunt for new pieces!

Thanks for reading,

M x




Visiting Hitchin Lavender

For the longest time I’ve wanted to visit Hitchin Lavender since seeing photos on Facebook of friends visiting the place years back. The photos were so bright and beautiful, it was definitely on my bucket list. It was actually my mum that suggested this trip to go and take some photos, try out my camera and even take a picnic. Of course I was down!

So, we actually went twice. The first time, it was a rainy and miserable day and we thought it was closed because of the written sign at the front so we headed back home. I did a bit more research to make sure it was second time lucky by checking the temperature, double checking the opening time as well as dismissing the picnic. We went back the next week when the sun was shining and were luckily there for when it hit golden hour! 

Of course the purpose of the trip was to see the lavender and pick some too but it was truly lovely to see lots of people enjoying the Summer holidays with the hum of the busy bees enjoying the lavender and sunflowers. Even though the main attraction is the lavender, naturally, it was sunflowers that stole my heart. It helps that they’re my joint favourite flower (alongside tulips). I was mesmerised by the sea of shining gold that surrounded me and pleaded my mum and my sister to take some photos of me!

The experience was lovely, especially when it was golden hour. For clearer pictures, check out my IG here – https://www.instagram.com/maneka_jay/

I would definitely recommend Hitchin Lavender, it’s a lovely place with lots of flowers and such an aesthetically pleasing place! Make sure to go before it’s all harvested!

Thanks for reading,

M x


What I’m Currently Loving

To commemorate diving back into the world of blogging, I thought I’d write about the beauty products that I’m currently loving. There’s a mixture of both old and new products within the post, with some trustworthy staples and items I’ve just started testing out. Keep reading to find out what they are!

The first item, simple and easy is the Vitamin E SPF 15 Day Cream from Superdrug. I purposely have been using this because of the SPF it contains and how important it is for your skin, especially the face as it’s the most susceptible to the sun. It’s not heavy or greasy on the skin and it’ll be the cream I carry on using into the future so I would 10/10 recommend it.

The second product is the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe and Rosewater. I’ve wanted this product for so many years and my sister gifted it to me for my 21st birthday last November. This spray is so refreshing and soothing and I usually use it after I’ve washed my face in the evening pre-bedtime to soak into my skin overnight. If I’m applying this, I don’t use any other products such as cream and just apply some lipbalm to my lips. I’ve used nearly a third of it but that’s because I spray it about 5-8 times when I use it.

Next is the Matte Fase Base from Kiko. I only purchased this last week to replace my Barry M original primer and I love it. It’s a thicker consistency than the Barry M product and a little goes a long way! It’s a little bit more expensive than high street brands but I think you really get what you’re paying for with this product. I have a hunch that this will definitely become one of my staples within my make up bag.

I’ve had the L.A. Girl Pro Conceal Concealer for months without having opened it as I felt that I didn’t really need it. I bit the bullet and opened it about a week ago as I had quite a few sore red spots on my face that I wanted a little more coverage on. This works a dream at covering up the redness! I just lightly applying a few strokes onto the probelm areas, let it set a little and cover with foundation and voila, it’s not as noticeable. The only thing I recommend is that less it more as the product comes out very easily so do be careful!

Finally I have a perfume to share as a favourite – Mediterranean Fig by Pacifica. I don’t usually wear perfume anymore, I used to always when I was younger but I find the perfume doesn’t smell as good when the day wears on and opt only for deoderant on a daily basis. This changed as my sister passed on this product to me. The smell is slightly woody and musky as the perfume is a blend of fig, oak moss and sandalwood. When I was younger, I wouldn’t have opted for these scents, preferring vanilla and moringa which don’t get me wrong, I do still love but they are very sweet in comparison. What I love about this is that it smells great and lasts, it’s ideal for travelling and it completely vegan! What more could you ask for?

Plath by Kat Von D is a lippie I’ve been loving as a neutral colour to compliment minimal make up looks. Now that summer has arrived, I’ve felt like toning down my make up a little even though a bold red lip will forever be my signature look, it’s nice to have different options with lipstick. It lasts for hours and is the perfect nude for darker skin tones.

Let me know what you guys have been currently loving too!

Thanks for reading,

M x



The DAMN. Tour

I saw Kendrick Lamar for the first time on the 12th of February at the O2 Arena in Greenwich. It was a sold out event and as the place holds 20,000 people, it was definitely packed to the rafters. I was fortunate enough to be able to get standing tickets right at the front with my friend which meant I was able to see Kendrick Lamar up close and really take in the performance and all the visual aids.

James Blake was the opening act and I fell in love with his music. It was when he played ‘Life Around Here’ that I knew that he was going to be an artist that I’ll continue to listen to as the years pass. I believe his set lasted 30 to 40 minutes and it was enjoyed by the audience.

Naturally, when it was time for Kendrick to come on, the audience went wild. The concert began with a short film type video introducing the persona of Kung Fu Kenny, building up to the first performance of the night – DNA, followed by ELEMENT then King Kunta (all three being some of my personal favourites). He is a very dynamic performer and the visuals were just incredible with the dancer, the films, fire on stage and him “levitating” whilst on stage! All these elements put together just made for a really incredible evening. All the fans around me were into it, singing and rapping along too.

One of my highlights of the night was when Kendrick got us all rapping along to HUMBLE and we did it so well until we got to the line “Still will take you down right on your mama’s couch in Polo socks, ay” and many of us faltered but he just met that with a laugh which was heartwarming.


(Please excuse the quality, I saved it from IG. If you want to see it in better quality, visit my Instagram here – https://www.instagram.com/p/BfJBNStHFRk/?taken-by=maneka_jay)

PSA: This was the best concert I’ve ever been to.

Thanks for reading,

M x